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5/6/17 Megapatch Notes

Aftermath Patch Megapatch

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 09:56 AM

Hello my friends,


First, I would like to thank you for all being so patient with us.  As you may or may not know, Aftermath is a hobby shared by myself and two friends dedicating our free time.  It's not our full time focus, we all have lives and jobs outside of Aftermath.  We believe however that with a steady bit of free time during the week and on the weekends we can slowly chip away at Aftermath and fashion it into something truly great.


Today's update has been in the works now for about 3 weeks and we think it's the first of many steps to make Aftermath an incredible game.  


**Some items that use attachments may become corrupt with the patch, we'll be monitoring any items that are causing issues.  So far it seems that the MX-TAC is causing issues and we may need to delete them from your inventory in order to introduce the new proper version.  We'll see.  **


Here's what's new:



  • Anticheat has been deployed and will continue to be deployed throughout the next series of patches
  • Hardware bans have been deployed 
  • IP bans have been deployed
  • New ban rules: Bans are permanent without appeal.


  • There is a new glowing 'Founders Axe' fireaxe to be found in the world
  • There are 3 new M16 Assault Rifles to be found in the world
  • There are 3 new Masada Assault Rifles to be found in the world



  • There are 5 new scopes for SMG and Assault Rifles (+old one slightly updated)
  • There are 3 new sniper scopes



  • Pistol Ammunition damage has been normalized and set to 90% of the damage of Rifle ammunition.
  • Some weapons have received damage balance updates
  • Melee weapons that were facing the wrong direction have been corrected
  • Rifle ammunition damage has been normalized
  • Sniper recoil has been adjusted to be more forgiving


  • Your footsteps and other player footsteps have now been separated so that hearing other player footsteps is easier
  • Massive audio fixes for nearly every sound in the game, too many to list, ALL OF THEM have been fixed/updated in some way [need to do a complete ambient audio pass on the map now on one of my streams]
  • The LBZ now has a new firing sound


  • Magazine attachments have been normalized for all assault rifles to use Stanag 30, 45, 60 and Cmag
  • The LBZ can now use any Assault Rifle Scope Attachment
  • All Assault Rifles can use attachments now


  • Texture fix optimizations
  • Fixes to tree collision
  • Day & Night cycle has been redone from scratch, night is now significantly darker in prep for Night Vision
  • Food and water consumption rates have been normalized, one does not deplete faster than the other now.
  • You now regenerate health over time for being 50%+ food and 50%+ water at the same time
  • The Harvesting Axe recipe has been removed for now
  • Harvesting prompts have been removed from objects for now


  • Pistol spawns have been normalized and placed into their own unique pistol table that is shared in Tier 1 and Tier 2 weapon Spawns
  • Pistols can no longer spawn in Tier 3 and Tier 4 loot boxes
  • Liberation GD rewards have been normalized
  • Liberation item drops have been increased and pistols can no longer drop in mid and high tier liberations
  • Low tier liberations can now rarely drop tier 3 armor and tier 3 weapons
  • Helicopter Crash can no longer spawn Tier 1 and 2 weaponry
  • Helicopter Crash can now spawn tier 3 armor
  • Helicopter Crash loot has been improved


  • A new forum has been created called the Community Development Forums.  Members of the community that prove they can help create content for Aftermath will be promoted on the forums to interact with us and help create community content for Aftermath!  Want to become a Community Dev?  Show us your skills on the forums and we'll give you access - http://forum.willyou...ty-development/

Invite your friends to play Aftermath with you!    :)


Here's the last patch notes in case you missed them!

Here's the last patch notes in case you missed them!

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