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Patch Notes 5-11-17

Patch Notes Fixes Updates Optimization Shadows Disabled

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Posted 11 May 2017 - 07:46 AM



Hello fellow noob templars


We think we knocked a serious chunk out of the FPS problems with this patch - you'll find out below what we tried fixing as well as some other cool stuff coming with this small update patch.  


I want to make it clear to everyone as well that if you are trying to play on an AMD / radeon ATI setup and have issues with the game it is most likely we will never be able to fix them unfortunately.  Our support for Nvidia stuff is pretty flimsy at best right now when it comes to engine related issues and fixing them.  We hope you understand.




  • Huge FPS drops have been traced to the skydome.  We have attempted to disable the skydome.  Not sure if the fix worked, we'll see.  Report your experience on the forums.
  • More huge FPS drops were traced to our UI.  We optimized like 7 different things that were stuck attempting to lag out your FPS pretty much 24/7.
  • You can now DISABLE SHADOWS! If disabling it doesn't work in the options menu, disable it in your gamesettings.ini in your documents folder.
  • More texture optimizations and updates
  • LOD optimizations and updates
  • A random rogue bugged campfire particle was found on the map and removed.  FPS may be up 10% from this alone.  


  • Two new Masadas are now spawning - Reaper and Kingpin (Thanks Karti & Patchs!)9kGugMY.png


  • Ambience has been adjusted for better sounds while in safezones and cities.  This will continue to be an ongoing process each patch.
  • Some obnoxious ambience like the forest woodpecker one have been reduced in volume
  • Some wind ambience has been reduced
  • The loud bugs ambience between 7 and 8 PM have been removed from bamburg and other places they were being annoying
  • Water ambience and a few other sounds have received a fix and are no longer 3D sounds
  • There is new special night time ambience related to Hospitals and Police stations


  • Stuff and things


  • A police station in the southeastern part of the map that was missing furniture is now furnished
  • Hospitals gained 30% more loot spawns
  • Hospitals now have full interior decorations
  • The cmag reload with the M16 has been fixed
  • Issues related to forward grips with the M16 and Masada have been fixed


  • A new forum has been created called the Community Development Forums.  Members of the community that prove they can help create content for Aftermath will be promoted on the forums to interact with us and help create community content for Aftermath!  Want to become a Community Dev?  Show us your skills on the forums and we'll give you access - http://forum.willyou...ty-development/

Invite your friends to play Aftermath with you!     :)


Here's the last patch notes in case you missed them!

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