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Patch Notes 5-13-17

Patch Notes Optimization

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Posted 13 May 2017 - 09:22 PM

Happy Saturday patch!


This patch focuses mostly on optimization and we hope you are getting even better frame rates than before!  There are also quite a few other fixes, particularly ones related to cosmetics.  Not too shabby for a couple dudes working on a game in their free time eh?   :)


I made a video about the patch notes if you want to watch that instead




  • Texture optimizations
  • Vertex count optimizations
  • Object billboard LOD optimizations
  • UI optimizations
  • Collision fixes
  • TPS model resolution fixes




  • More audio tweaks for sounds that were too loud / too quiet
  • Knives now make a swing sound.  It's still kind of weird.
  • Your own footsteps on metal were too quiet and have been increased by 15%


  • Exploits related to character cosmetics have been fixed
  • You can now unlock Cosmetic Flag shirts and unite as a nation



  • All characters have been reset to the default civilian "bambi" clothing
  • Default character cosmetics are now white as you represent a "bambi" civilian.  They are called "Fresh Meat"




  • Lawmen+ reputation can no longer safezone camp by avoiding becoming aggressor
  • Shooting at non-aggressor players from within the safezone will flag you as an aggressor meaning other players can kill you within the safezone without penalty as a deterrent for safezone camping
  • Here's a sneak peek of the new Lawman reputation outfit that will be implemented once we finish updating the reputation system [not yet ready]




  • Stuff & Things For Updates
  • Iguanas are pretty cool right.  Maybe a cool pet.




  • Some rogue player spawn points have been cleaned up around safezones and far edges of the map
  • Armor durability has been adjusted slightly
  • Weapon ammo display 0/1 bug has been fixed
  • Remade all the attachment loot tables from scratch so they will be more consistent
  • Tons of material fixes for buildings in all cities as well as houses.  This means walls were not identified as 'concrete' etc and thus were not making proper noises and impact markers.  
  • Language fixes for a few items missing names or descriptions (there are still more that need them, if you want to contribute to an item description, post your names and descriptions on the forums)
  • Some crafting recipes have received balance updates to their material costs
  • Drop rates on tools and parts have been slightly increased
  • Drop rates on metal, glass and plastic have been slightly increased


  • Night Vision Armor has been added to the game.  Simply equip this special armor and press N to toggle Night Vision on and off
  • Night Vision Armor can be both looted or crafted if you are lucky enough to find the blueprint for it






  • Removing the trees, grass, rocks, campsite spawns and single safezone from the left side of the map would increase FPS for all players.  This area of the map is largely unused for now and we would like to repurpose it.  Please post your feedback regarding this in the General Discussion section of the forums
  • The area colored black would be inaccessible and potentially opened up at a later stage in the game as optimization permits
  • The orange and red represent a large cliff wall that is orange and red in color similar to Sedona
  • The blue represents a body of water that would run the entire length of the canyon wall
  • The water would be too deep to cross to the other side, despite the cliff face being too steep
  • The dark green area represents the forest that would line the entire river
  • The minimap would be updated to reflect this





  • A new forum has been created called the Community Development Forums.  Members of the community that prove they can help create content for Aftermath will be promoted on the forums to interact with us and help create community content for Aftermath!  Want to become a Community Dev?  Show us your skills on the forums and we'll give you access - http://forum.willyou...ty-development/

Invite your friends to play Aftermath with you!      :)


Here's the last patch notes in case you missed them!

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