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Patch Notes 5-17-17

Patch Notes Updates

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 03:50 AM

Hello everyone,


Here's a quick update for Wednesday night!  We have more we want to do but we simply have limited time.  If you find something is broken, be sure to report it on the forums!


Here's a video I made for Dev Blog #8 for the patch notes!




  • Players with Legendary Accounts can now instantly move crafting materials to their vault by right clicking on them
  • Legendary users now get double GD from zombies


  • You can now buy Cosmetic Cases and Keys in game for GC.  Please support Aftermath!  We want to get a US server next!
  • Fixed character cosmetics not properly applying and saving the next time you load into the game
  • Fixed a bug related to buying character cosmetics for GC
  • Cosmetic drop rates have been completely reworked to be extremely forgiving since cosmetics are no longer trade-able
  • Make sure to save your duplicates as we will most likely be reimbursing duplicate giftboxes with either GC or some form of token that can be turned into a key etc. 






  • We have deployed a single Pinetop server available to public users right now.  Please test this map with your friends.
  • Be sure to check your framerate on Pinetop compared to the Arizona map if you are one of the users experiencing 5-10 FPS.  If you are, we may have an issue with lighting on the Arizona map.
  • It is capped to 40 players and is considered a 'pvp' centric map
  • It has only 1 central liberation in order to keep the PVP focused on the central city




  • A headshot sound has been added so it is easier to identify when you have shot another player in the head


  • Night Vision Armor bugs related to dropping it have been fixed
  • Your primary weapon now drops outside of your backpack upon death
  • Cosmetic keys, Crates, and Giftboxes are now permanently bound to your account and cannot be dropped or traded.
  • Giftboxes can now be moved to the GI from anywhere
  • Backpacks now show the name of the dead player
  • Liberation drops have been improved for all liberations
  • Stawford liberation now drops 10 items instead of 7 and grenade drops have been removed from the table
  • The vendor in town now sells tools and parts for GD.  The only way to acquire GD is complete Liberations, kill zombies or sell things to the vendor 
  • Floating grenades bug has been fixed
  • Private servers should no longer display in the public server tab
  • Added a new more common version of Night Vision Plate which provides night vision but does not have a high amount of armor.  This version is not craftable.


  • Stuff & Things For Updates


  • We are looking for users that speak other languages fluently who can translate the game from English into other languages.  Please PM Artemis on the forums if you are able to do this!  The quicker we can translate the game to other languages, the quicker we can gain and support new players from these regions!
  • Russian 
  • Thai
  • Portuguese 


  • A new forum has been created called the Community Development Forums.  Members of the community that prove they can help create content for Aftermath will be promoted on the forums to interact with us and help create community content for Aftermath!  Want to become a Community Dev?  Show us your skills on the forums and we'll give you access - http://forum.willyou...ty-development/

Invite your friends to play Aftermath with you!      :)


Here's the prior patch notes in case you missed them!

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