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Patch Notes 6-30-17

patch notes patch update

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Posted 27 June 2017 - 03:59 AM

Hello Loot Crazed Hunters & friends,


It's patch time!  Mostly quality of life fixes in this patch.


Here's the patch notes in video form (not including the hotfix)!



Hotfix Notes 7-1-17!  SMOOTH BABY!

  • Dirty water ponds located at farms have been removed (removed some water planes, should increase everyone's FPS a tad - every little bit counts!)
  • All farms now have a clean water well
  • All farms now produce their own unique vegetables in the greenhouse that you can loot
  • All farms now have an animal trap in the barn that will periodically produce meat to be looted
  • "No Build Zones" have been removed from farms allowing players to place their own gardens.  It's up to you if you want to leave a friendly player garden that someone has planted for everyones benefit, or destroy it.  
  • Luton now gives 3 items per supply drop for liberations, up from 2
  • Kosvale now gives 4 items per supply drop for liberations, up from 3
  • Bamburg now gives 5 items per supply drop for liberations, up from 4
  • Stawford now gives 6 items per supply drop for liberations, up from 5
  • The "no build zones" located around cities have been shrunk considerably to allow for more reasonable Tent Shack & Sleeping bag play
  • The number of Supply Drop spawn locations has been reduced from 160, to 1 per lootable map location.  There can be 2 supply drops active on the map at any time and on extremely rare occasions both can be in Stawford at the same time!   One in the North & one in the South map.  They now spawn in areas that encourage confrontation.  Both supply drops occur roughly every hour.  This should increase the amount of supply drops all players find naturally as some were appearing in areas no players would likely notice them.
  • Supply Drops now drop LV4 Kevlar Armor in preparation for Enhance Armor Blueprint RX Kevlar 4.5 coming next patch.  Level 4.5 Kevlar requires completely different crafting materials than a level 3.5 armor.  It's a separate material sink.  So don't bother freaking out about Tools and Parts. 
  • Water wells have been removed from Gorad & Fort Noob
  • Attachments now spawn with 1500 Durability, Military Suppressor has 2500 durability.  Suppressor durability is labeled in the item description now.
  • When an attachment is destroyed, it makes a sound
  • Headshot impact sound volume has been increased
  • Updates to some item descriptions to be more clear in their function
  • Aggressor fixed
  • Trade chat fixed
  • Attachment sound
  • Fixed GI


  • Trade chat now functions for all players on the server within the safezone making trading cross map much easier as well as coordinating group play.  Using this channel to harass users will surely result in account suspension.
  • Deployed barricades now properly last 45 minutes
  • Backpack descriptions have been updated to reflect proper slots and carrying capacity
  • Attachments now display the stats they affect in the item description & UI
  • Players standing inside of the safezone can no longer accidentally turn aggressor by shooting out of the safezone and hitting a non-aggressor
  • Logging out with aggressor will cause you to resume being an aggressor the next time you log in
  • Attachment durability is now properly working.  Attachments were previously unlimited and this was not intended.  Most attachments have 500 durability.  Military Suppressor has 1000 durability.  Attachment spawns have been increased due to this change.
  • Sprint was found to be causing food and water to decrease twice as fast as it should be and has been fixed
  • Deployed Gardens now last 7 days real time
  • Deployed Gardens had a bug with their timers where sometimes they would not tick, this has been fixed
  • Sub-Machine Guns now use pistol muzzle attachments like a crafted silencer
  • Disassemble for Backpacks has been added as a new way to acquire cloth & plastic
  • Disassemble for Attachments has been added as a new way to acquire parts when disassembling unused attachments
  • Optimizations to Collections and general graphics settings
  • There is now a designated building at the airport where Medical Supplies spawn
  • G36 & M16 reload audio has been reduced slightly
  • G36 firing audio has been reduced slightly
  • Added both AK & Stanag 30 mag to the store for 100 GD (for swapping out magazines)
  • AK magazines received a new mesh when dropped on the ground to fix a bug related to the pivot location making it impossible to pick up




  • New blueprint is now spawning for a crafted Gardening Bag backpack that has the same number of slots as a Travelers Backpack but can carry 100 kg weight.  Great for looting or carrying ungodly amounts of ammunition in PVP campfests
  • New Blueprint is now spawning for crafted Shepherd's Pie.  It utilizes all of the foods produced by Gardens and Farms around the map.  Consuming it heals for 50 Health and 100 Hunger.
  • Garden crafting requirements have been standardized for all producing deployables including animal trap
  • Sleeping bag crafting material tweaks that should make it more viable
  • Deployed Tent Shack for the sleeping bag has undergone crafting material tweaks to make it more viable
  • Items that are produced from deployable Garden objects no longer spawn in the game, you must harvest them from Gardens
  • NVG Armor Craft Recipe updated to require NVG plate instead of armor 3
  • Forge Armor 2 & 3 have been updated to be more reasonable to upgrade your lower tier armors
  • All crafted food has been buffed to be very effective.  There is a gardening version and a looted verison of each food item.






  • Various anticheat updates that will continue to be an ongoing process




  • A new forum has been created called the Community Development Forums.  Members of the community that prove they can help create content for Aftermath will be promoted on the forums to interact with us and help create community content for Aftermath!  Want to become a Community Dev?  Show us your skills on the forums and we'll give you access - http://forum.willyou...ty-development/

Invite your friends to play Aftermath with you!  :)


Here's the prior patch notes in case you missed them!

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