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Suggestion To Make Pvp More Fair

Pvp Improvments

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 10:31 PM

Let me state first (THIS IS MY OPINION) I understand alot of people who are addicted to the way Shattered Skies/ Aftermath did pvp and combat are gonna probably defend it but I'd like to suggest some stuff against it. 

#1: Make the game less bullet spongey: I personally hate I have to pump half a C-Mag into some people as they constantly heal and B-Hop around and it's really annoying. I think increasing bullet damage alot or making a small cooldown to apply the meds (even when your using it for the first time) could fix this issue. Either that or do what Wild West Online does and have medical supplies only accessible through your inventory and not on a hot bar. This would make the game more aim focused and less when you use your meds properly mid battle will decide who wins. 

#2: Make aiming in third person have much more bullet spread: It seems you guys even programmed the guns to switch to first person while aiming down sight to prevent this problem or prevent another Warz where third person was the only way to pvp. In this game people seem to abuse third person aiming and spraying down the waist and it really goes against what you guys programmed certain things against it. Either make third person shooting inaccurate or give a bonus to people aiming down sight to make first person shooting superior and that would fix this issue.

Now that I look back that's the 2 main issues that think could be fixed. If Artemis reads this I tried my best to use actual information and not just bitch and moan about it because I have respect for you in a video I watched where you like Mathematical information to solve a problem so I tried my best to be logical in my reasoning. Thanks for reading and post your thoughts below. I think this would be a good step in making this game feel more like a survival game again and not a floaty pvp bhop mess. Thank you.

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