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Aftermath Trade Rules

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#1 Guest_Jack O'Neill_*

Guest_Jack O'Neill_*
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Posted 02 March 2015 - 08:25 PM

You've all had the chance to read the rules. This is your official notice that violation of the trade forum rules may result in threads being merged, deleted, or locked and actions being taken against your forum and in game account. 
Quick Start Trading Guide:
By posting in the Trade Forum Section you agree to abide by all of the rules of this forum, including those listed here http://forum.willyou...99-forum-rules/
Selling Items for Real CurrencyPlease remember that the selling item for real currency is strictly forbidden. No Cash for items, No paypal, No GC, No Real World items, No Intimate Favors. NO NO NO.  Players found in violation of this may have their forum account and in-game accounts banned.
You may trade Aftermath items for other Aftermath items only, no items from other games, no steam items, no CS GO items. Players found in violation of this may have their forum account and in-game accounts banned.
Note: This also includes the ISS game as that is a separate game and items are not to be traded.
Accounts: No account selling or trading. Ever.
Creating a Thread:
1. Do not make multiple threads of items for sale spamming the trade forum. Please try to keep it to one thread.
2.Do not make misleading adverts.
3.No excessive self bumping.
4.No 3rd party websites to advertise your trades,keep trades on this forum only.


Prohibited Behavior:

1.Do not hijack another user's thread to advertise your trade. Make your own thread!

2. Do not interfere with a persons trade in any way.

3.Do not be abusive in any way.

4.Do not post about bad trades that you have had with others as that is hearsay and defamation of character,if you wish not to trade with that person again that is fine but do not try to dissuade others.


We will not tolerate members attacking each other for any reason. Lost items will not be refunded. If a trade did not go as planned do not post their name on the forums.(no scammer topics/posts) All forum rules apply. 
Using the Trading Window:
Step 1:Stand close enough to the other trader till you see the "Trade" icon pop-up
Step 2a:Hold down "E" to request a trade while the "Trade" icon is highlighted
Step 2b:Both traders must do step 2a in order for the trade window to come up
Step 3a:Right click the items you wish to trade and they will be moved into the the trade window (shift+right click for bulk stackables)
Step 3b:You can remove items you don't wish to trade by right clicking them in the trade window.
Step 4:The final step is to click on Accept once you are happy with the trade and note that both traders must accept or the trade will be cancelled.
How to Edit a Thread Title:
1) Hit the "Edit" button at the bottom of your post.
2) Hit the "Use Full Editor Button" at the bottom of your post.
3) Edit your title.
4) Hit "Submit Modified Post" at the bottom of your post.
Please check back here regularly as things will be updated as necessary

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#2 Guest_Jack O'Neill_*

Guest_Jack O'Neill_*
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Posted 05 January 2016 - 01:36 AM

Updated trade rules.

1.  You MUST put what you are asking for in your trade post, you CANNOT make a post saying "willing to sell hitman make me an offer in PMs".  You must put at least a rough idea of what you are looking for IE "Willing to sell hitman for 1000+ Nato 5.56 ammunition, 10x 3.5 armors, etc etc"  You cannot be vague in what you are looking for or your topic will be locked.

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